Despite initial delays, the Wikipad gaming tablet is set to launch in the US next week, with a UK release to follow

Wikipad gaming tablet set for US debut at E3

Despite suffering initial setbacks, which saw the device significantly delayed, the Wikipad is finally set to launch in the US.

The gaming tablet is set to debut on June 11th – and more importantly – the opening day of this year’s E3 convention. Initially launching in the states only, a UK launch is scheduled to take place later in the summer.

Carrying a price tag of $249, the Wikipad is an Android powered tablet designed for gaming. The device packs a quad-core Tegra 3 processor complete with a 12 core Nvidia GPU, unto 32GB memory and a seven-inch touch screen display.

The Wikipad also includes detachable controls as part of the package, which incorporates dual-analogue capabilities into the device as part of its lure as a capable gaming tablet.

Initially slated to launch eight months ago, the device suffered a number of setbacks during its development stage, which a number of changes made to the Wikipad’s design.

Originally, the device measured in a ten-inches and carried a price tag of $500, however, the redesigned model maintains a more comfortable seven-inch display – and an even more comfortable $250 price.

Set to rival other entry-level tablets, the Wikipad is optimised for use with cloud gaming services, such as Google Play and PlayStation Mobile, whilst streaming service OnLive initially signed up as an official partner.

Competitively priced to rival the likes of the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita, in addition to budget Android tablets such as the Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7, the Wikipad’s commitment to gaming could net the device a sizeable audience.

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