We take a look at the latest expansion for The Sims 3, Island Paradise

PCR recommends: The Sims 3 Island Paradise

We jetted Greg Lockley off to an exotic resort. Only, not really. He’s still chained to his desk.

EA and Maxis certainly made waves recently with the announcement that The Sims 4 will launch next year.

But Sims fans needn’t worry, as they won’t have to wait long for the next dose of simulated life action. EA confirmed that it isn’t quite done with The Sims 3 just yet, with a host of expansion packs set for release throughout the year.

First up: The Sims 3 Island Paradise.

Landing ashore this month, the latest expansion to the highly acclaimed franchise provides players with – wait for it – an island paradise for their Sims to enjoy.

Far away from the traditional suburban Sim neighbourhood, players can have their simulated selves bask in the sun as they take in everything the tropical environment has to offer: explore the island’s hidden locations, scuba dive for sunken treasure and even befriend a native mermaid.

The Sims 3 Island Paradise breaks through the limitations of previous expansions and provides players with an entirely new form of gameplay. Tired of living on dry land? Sims are now able to customise and take the helm of their very own houseboat in order to sail across the seven seas. Prefer the life of luxury? Players can leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and build an island resort from scratch.

With endless customisation options at their fingertips, players can build the exotic resort of their dreams, whether that’s a family-friendly resort complete with waterslides and adventure activities, or a romantic retreat packed with poolside bars perfect for the flirtatious Sim.

Whatever they decide, players will have complete control of their new resort and will play a key role in its success – or downfall. Responsibilities include setting prices, hiring staff and deciding what amenities and activites to include in your resort.

But it’s not just the player’s own Sims looking to enjoy a slice of heaven, as they will need to entice other Sims to flock to their far-away paradise and spend their hard earned simoleans. Players can check on their resort’s popularity and read through the latest reviews left by jet- setting Sims.

This latest expansion might be an island paradise, but it won’t be all fun and games.

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