First 10,000 students to fully fund their PCs get a four-year subscription to Office 365 University

Microsoft launches ‘Chip In’ crowd-sourcing program to help students buy PCs

Microsoft has launched a Kickstarter-style crowd-sourcing program designed to help students pay for Windows 8 PCs and tablets.

Students can choose from a wide range of qualified Windows 8 devices and create a ‘giving page’. They can then share this page with friends and family via social media and email to ask for contributions in any amount up to the total cost of the PC.

"We know that heading to college is one of the top reasons students buy a new PC – it’s a powerful tool to support their education and stay in touch with their families and friends," said Kristina Libby, head of Consumer Communications for Windows.

"With Chip In from Microsoft, students can leverage the power of their social networks to help them get a new PC and Office 365 University this back-to-school season."

The first 10,000 students to fully fund their PC before September 1st will also get a four-year subscription of Office 365 University. Students need to have a valid .edu email address to set up a giving page and at the moment the scheme is only available to US students. If Chip In proves successful in the US, hopefully Microsoft will extend this program to students across the pond.

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