Security specialist creates an online portal to gain feedback from its channel partners as it examines implementing a new digital delivery system

Kaspersky looks to the channel to help develop its digital strategy

Kaspersky is going to its channel partners for feedback as it seeks to grow its digitally delivered portfolio.

As mobile devices become more prevalent, Kaspersky is keen to grow in to this market. However, traditional box software sales are not appropriate for this segment and so the vendor is developing its capabilities for digital delivery – a tactic that is likely to aid its wider software strategy as well.

“If you look at the independent resellers and all those guys, I think the knack here – for all products – is that if we can get digital delivery to them then that helps with inventory and cash flow,” commented Kaspersky’s sales and marketing director, Lee Sharrocks.

“That’s a really big benefit. In fact, we have trials going on in Benelux right now in terms of digital delivery for independent resellers. So we see that as a way forward.”

In order to do so, the vendor has developed a portal for its partners to provide feedback. With an upturn in the number of firms going out of business in the UK, Kaspersky is keen to engage with its channel partners in finding out a way that they can support their own customers better.

“If you look at Kaspersky’s history throughout Europe, a lot of our success has been built on the innovation of the product but also, very importantly, word of mouth, especially among the resellers and retailers and that’s something we’re trying to propagate in the UK,” continued Sharrocks.

“They’re more what I would class as a ‘trusted advisor’ especially when you look at the independent retailers and resellers. They’re more likely to have a one-to-one relationship with their customers than the big retailers. A larger retailer will have big stores with many operatives, whereas a indie tends to have one or two guys running the show.”

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