Screenshots of a Windows 8.1 preview build have revealed the Start button could be making its return to the OS

Windows 8.1 screenshots leaked, Start button returns

Leaked builds of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8.1 indicate that the platform’s trademark Start button will make a return.

Screenshots of the update, which is currently known as the "Milestone Preview" internally, were obtained by ZDNet and reveal what looks to be a redesigned Start button, located in the bottom left corner of the screen.

However, reports indicate that even if the humble Start does make its way back into Microsoft’s flagship operating system, it won’t fulfil the purpose it historically has.

If true, and the Start button no longer opens the OS’ Start Menu, the purpose of the button remains entirely unclear. It’s also understood that whilst the button will be enabled by default, users will retain the option to disable it.

Image from ZDNet

In addition to these changes, the Start button has undergone an aesthetic update too, now sporting the new stylised Windows logo used by Microsoft.

The Milestone Preview has also shed some light on a host of other addition that Windows 8.1 could introduce, including an option for users to boot their system directly to the desktop, bypassing the Metro Start screen.

An official public preview of Windows 8.1 is set to be showcased by Microsoft at the firm’s Build 2013 show on June 26th.

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