Windows category manager Rob Crampton was on hand at this year's PCR Boot Camp to talk all things Windows 8

PCR Boot Camp: Dealer opportunities with Windows 8

Microsoft came to this year’s Boot Camp with its flagship operating system Windows 8 and highlighted the opportunities available to dealers.

375 million PCs are estimated to ship this year. Close to 40 per cent of business desktops continue to run Windows XP. Annual PC growth is expected to climb by 11 per cent between 2013 and 2014.

Rob Crampton, Windows category manager, opened the first breakout session of this year’s PCR Boot Camp with these eye-opening statistics in order to emphasise the opportunity that dealers can take advantage of with Windows 8.

Crampton stressed the need for dealers, vendors and other Microsoft partners to “have the conversation” with these potential customers, whether that’s with a new system or upgrading from a previous Windows product.

With the end in sight for Windows XP, as Microsoft looks to halt its support of the OS by April 8th 2014, Crampton urged dealers to communicate this to customers and benefit from the opportunity available.

Faster boot up, powerful performance, increased storage capacity. These were amongst the benefits of adopting Window 8 listed by the product manager, and ones that dealers were encouraged to take back to their own business and pass on to their customers.

Crampton also addressed the concerns surrounding the Windows 8 platform, citing them as a key reason behind users’ reluctance to move on previous edition of Windows.

“We understand there’s a three to four week learning curve,” said Crampton, ”but after this period, customer satisfaction levels are much higher.”

The message of the session was clear: Windows 8 is a significant change to previous versions. But once customers familiarise themselves, they can then reap the multitude of benefits.

Not limited to just traditional desktop PCs, Crampton moved on the talk tablets and the ways in which dealers can benefit from the tablet boom in conjunction with Windows 8.

As customers opt for tablet and mobile devices, powered by the latest technology – such as Intel’s soon to be release Haswell processors – Microsoft made it clear that dealers will benefit from offering Windows 8 on these devices and the plethora of accessories and add-on options available as a result.

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