Cupertino has unexpectedly unveiled a new iPod Touch, which loses a number of features to maintain a smaller price tag

Apple reveals new iPod Touch

Apple has surprised the tech world with the launch of a new iPod Touch, which drops a number of features in order to shave down its price.

The seemingly entry-level iPod Touch maintains many of the same specs of its predecessor, still using the same dual-core A5 processor and four-inch Retina display.

But whilst the new Touch maintains the HD front-facing camera, it drops the device’s main five-megapixel camera, one of its biggest omissions.

Perhaps Apple felt that incorporating a second camera on the device was overkill, but it’s something that fans of the device are likely to miss.

The device is also quite stingy on storage capacity. Whilst previous devices offered a choice of both 32GB and 64GB, this latest generation provides just 16GB.

As a result of the loss of features, the latest iPod Touch weighs in less too, dropping 0.06 ounces.

However, despite the losses, consumers can expect to pay a smaller price for the device with Apple pricing the newest Touch at just $229.

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