Are you forcing your brand to use social media or using it to support your business?

PCR Boot Camp: There’s more to digital marketing than Facebook and Twitter

At PCR Boot Camp today, digital expert Peter McCormack gave the audience vital insights into internet marketing.

His talk at the conference and expo, titled ‘There is more to digital marketing than Facebook and Twitter,’ took retailers and resellers in the audience through the Dos and Don’ts of Social Media

McCormack began by pointing out the sheer volume of meetings he attends where people ask ‘What’s your social strategy,’ as if it’s the key to their business. 

This question suits social media gurus, who tell clients they have to be part of the conversation at any cost.

The truth is that you have to think carefully whether your business really needs social media and how it can be best put to use.

Social Media is an addiction – like smoking, it looks cool, but is it always healthy?

McCormack stated social media should be for exciting things – and sharing photos, or funny things like cats who look like Hitler – not necessarily conversations about the Nvidia GTX780. 

People say huge brands that use social media successfully, like adidas – but McCormack asks how much money they spend to do that?

He also pointed out that it doesn’t work for every big brand. Kingsmill ran a social media campaign for bread. They didn’t get a huge response, and many of the responses they did get looked dubious at best. People don’t necessarily want to ‘get social’ about bread.

But if you can’t force social on people, what next?

McCormack said it’s all about perspective. You have to keep things simple.

Look at what you’re doing on Google, in email and on your website.

Is it easy to buy from your website? Are you sending relevant emails? Are you positioned correctly on Google?

Social media, he said, is not about brand building, but it’s a layer through your business to find, convert and keep customers.

McCormack concluded by saying that social media has to support what you’re doing – and support people making decisions in the purchase process.

Speaker Peter McCormack is a partner at the digital agency McCormack & Morrison, and with over 15 years experience is an expert in the fields of website creation and digital marketing.

Previously he was managing director of award winning regional agency Evolving, winning and leading accounts for Whitbread, Yo Sushi and David Lloyd. He left Evolving in 2009 to establish his own agency in London and has quickly built a team of 22 staff, winning high profile accounts including Virgin Active and Royal Caribbean.

He spoke today at PCR Boot Camp, a one-day conference and expo for technology retailers and resellers at The Brewery, London. Follow the action live at

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