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New title finally released after lawsuit with Bethesda

VIDEO: Minecraft team launches trailer for new game ‘Scrolls’

Mojang’s new game Scrolls will be available in beta on June 3rd.

The game will launch on Windows and OS X and is described as a digital collectible card game.

In the new title, gamers can use the power of creatures, spells and ancient machines to gain the edge in battle as they face off against other players.

Scrolls has been in development for a few years now, and after settling a lawsuit over the name with Bethesda, the title is finally ready for release, but can it live up to the success of Minecraft?

Minecraft has been an outstanding hit for Mojang, with over 20 million copies of the game sold across all platforms so far. The open world game proved so popular that last year LEGO released a Minecraft set after 10,000 votes were cast in just 48 hours of the Lego CUUSOO website.

Check out the Scrolls trailer below:

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