Firms set to unveil tablet ahead of Computex

Mozilla to team up with Foxconn for Firefox tablet

Mozilla and Foxconn are set to unveil a new Firefox OS device at a press event on June 3rd.

The device is rumoured to be a tablet rather than another smartphone like the Geeksphone Keon.

An industry insider told Focus Taiwan that the two companies will unveil the first Firefox-based tablet in Taipei ahead of Computex.

There are no details about specs or release dates at the moment, but CNet suggests that it will enter the market at the budget end.

Foxconn is the world’s largest contract manufacturer of consumer electronics, with its biggest customer being Apple. The move comes as Foxconn is struggling with new rivals for orders from Apple.

“Foxconn wants to move beyond just being a tailor who sits there waiting to make whatever customers tell him to,” one source told the Financial Times. It is believed that the two companies intend to offer the device to ‘whoever wants to distribute it’, most like retail brands or mobile operators.

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