Following the success of the original Nexus 4, LG has confirmed it will debut a white edition of the device

LG to launch the white Nexus 4

Submitting to the ever demanding multi-colour needs of the modern smartphone consumer, LG is to release its Nexus 4 device in white.

Identical to the original Nexus 4 handset on the inside, the white device will sport the same specifications, including a 320ppi 4.7-inch HD display, eight-megapixel camera and a Snapdragon S4 processor.

Meanwhile, Android’s latest 4.2 operating system will remain at the helm of the new handset.

LG has confirmed the device will land in Hong Kong first at the end of May, whilst making its European retail debut in the following months, as the device is rolled out throughout "the next several weeks."

However, despite the success of the Nexus 4 device, LG has also confirmed it will be the last of the series produced by the South Korean firm – or any Google powered device for that matter.

Talking with All About Phones, Kim Wong, European VP of LG Mobile, confirmed that the firm would halt its production of Google Android based devices, stating they have: "no added value for us without our own skins."

Wong also addressed the current state of the smartphone market as the motive behind the move, stating: "the current duopoly of Google and Apple is not healthy for the market."

The VP also highlighted that the firm will look to adopt other mobile operating systems for its products, without naming any specifically.

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