Microsoft has released two new mice, designed to meet the Start button needs of the Windows 8 user missing the trademark feature

Microsoft brings back the Start button… on a mouse

Windows users have long wanted the Start button to make a triumphant return to Windows 8. Now, it appears Microsoft has granted their wish, sort of.

Microsoft has announced the release of two new mice, which lone behold, contain a Windows button. Yes, an actual, physical Windows button.

Whilst the Sculpt Comfort Mouse sports a large Windows 8-esque blue button on its side, the travel-sized Sculpt Mobile Mouse incorporates the trademark button just below its mouse wheel.

The mice are compatible with both Windows 7 and 8, opening the Start menu and Start screen in the respective operating systems. But given that Windows 7 users continue to relish the use of their trusty Start button, it’s difficult to imagine any of these users opting for the device.

Microsoft is hoping that a physical Start button will be enough to meet the needs of the disgruntled Windows 8 user, but the success of an actual button to replace the trademark icon remains to be seen.

Priced at $39.95 and $29.95 respectively, the Sculpt Comfort and Sculpt Mobile are set to go on sale in June.

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