After weeks of speculation, Nvidia has finally confirmed the release of the GTX 780 GPU within the UK

Nvidia confirms release of GTX 780, £549 UK price tag

Nvidia has finally lifted the lid on its latest range of graphics cards, announcing the release of the GeForce GTX 780.

The GPU maker confirmed the release of the card in the UK, which is available now for £549.

With a base clock speed of 863Mhz, which can be pushed up to 900Mhz, the GTX 780 also comes with 3GB of DDR5 RAM at a speed of 6Gbps. As for connectivity, the card sports two DL-DVI slots, one Displayport and a single HDMI connection.

Performance-wise, the GTX780 offers a huge 70 per cent boost over Nvidia’s GTX 580, in addition to a sizeable 15-20 per cent upgrade on its predecessor, the GTX 680.

Meanwhile, the 780 beats out rival card maker AMD’s flagship 7970 card by around a 20 – 65 per cent upgrade.

Third-party renditions of the card are expected to be announced shortly.

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