PCR talks to Gary Crook, product manager, Simms International, about his favourite gadgets

Gary Crook: My life in gadgets

We talk to Gary Crook, product manager at Simms International, about his favourite pieces of technology through the years…


My first introduction to the world of gaming was through my dad’s Atari system. I was attracted to the bright colours but managed to get quite good at Space Invaders before I was even in double figures!


My father bought me this for Christmas and I fell in love with computers instantly at a time when computing was hot property in the UK. This machine was great for games; friends would swap tapes or come round to play.


This was the first console I owned in my first shared house with friends. It reminds me of the bonds you make in early adulthood and how they shape the way you are when you’re older.


Where would we be without computing? I moved from the Playstation to computers in my thirst for producing music and am still to this day doing so. I would not be able to work without one – I’m typing this up on one right now.This gadget had such a large impact on society when they first became popular thatpeople were scared itwould replace them in the workplace.


Well what can you say, the smartphone really makes everything easier. It has everything I need in one place. I would be lost without it as it connects me to the world and I believe is the most important social innovation for us all in the last decade.

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