Portable PC comes with Haswell chip and 1TB of storage

Envy Rove 20: HP unveils its first mobile all-in-one PC

HP has unveiled a 20-inch PC designed to be easily transported around the home or office.

The Envy Rove 20 can be unplugged and moved around cable-free, thanks to a battery with four hours of life from each charge. This effectively turns the Rove 20 into a giant tablet.

At 11.86 pounds, it’s not the lightest gadget to lug around and you probably wouldn’t want to carry it on the bus, but it shouldn’t cause too much hassle when moving it between rooms, plus it’s got a hinge which can be activated by pressing a button, making screen adjustments a little easier.

One feature that HP is keen to focus on is that the Rove 20 can lie nearly flat, allowing the family to gather round and use it as an electronic board game-type machine. The device comes pre-installed with games such as Monopoly, Jigsaw Wars and Disney Fairies.

HP’s Consumer PCs and Solutions Senior VP and General Counsel Ron Coughlin said: “Customers are looking for mobility and flexibility in their computing devices to give families new ways to bring generations together. HP is evolving to meet our customers’ needs by designing next-generation form factors, like the Rove mobile All-in-One PC, which will enable people to connect, share and create in ways they never imagined.”

The Envy Rove 20 features a Haswell chip, comes with 1TB or storage as well as an 8GB SSD, includes WiFi and WiDi, and runs Windows 8.

The device is expected to ship sometime in July. HP hasn’t officially confirmed pricing yet, but it is expected to cost around $1,000.

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