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Portable PC will run Android 4 OS

Dell’s PC-on-a-stick, Project Ophelia, to ship in July

Dell’s USB stick-sized Android PC called Project Ophelia is set to start shipping in July.

Using Dell’s Wyse PocketCloud software, the device will plug into a display’s HDMI port and run applications or access files stored remotely.

With WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, Project Ophelia may catch the eye of users who do most of their computing on the Web.

The thumb-sized PC can turn any screen or display into a PC, gaming machine or TV set-top box. Users will be able to run Android games or stream movies form Hulu or Netflix, as well as downloaded content form the Google Play store.

First introduced at CES in January, Dell is set to demonstrate Ophelia on 19-inch and 55-inch screens at next week’s Cirtix Synergy conference in Los Angeles, reports PC World.

There hasn’t been many specs unveiled at this point but the device will run a version of Android 4 OS to support web browsing, social networking, media playback and Android apps.

The ‘PC-on-a-stick’ is due to ship in July with a $100 price tag.

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