Following the success of the iPad mini, Apple is expected to begin working on a smaller iPad device in July

Apple to begin work on slimmer, lighter iPad 5

Apple is set to begin work on the next iPad, which will feature a slimmer, lighter design following the success of the iPad mini.

Digitimes reports that production of the iPad 5 will begin in July, with Apple opting for a slimmer design, which will be up to between 25 and 33 per cent lighter than its predecessor.

It’s understood that the new iPad will incorporate glass within its Retina display, which is made possible by the use of new touch sensor technology. Meanwhile, a slimmer backlighting device will also decrease the device’s bulk.

As Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference draws ever closer, expect speculation surrounding the latest iOS devices to heat up, with the rumour mill already in full swing surrounding a potential reveal of new MacBook devices at the event.

Of course, in traditional Apple fashion, all of the speculation surrounding these devices is yet to be confirmed – and don’t expect that to change until June 10th, at least.

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