Firm expands its range of UHD devices with smaller, consumer-friendly devices

Samsung announces 55 and 65-inch 4K UHD TVs

Following the unveiling of its 85-inch UHD S9 TV at CES 2013, Samsung has confirmed that both 55 and 65-inch edition of the device are on the way.

Despite their scaled down sizes, the new versions of the S9 4K UHD will feature the same features and hardware boasted by the 85-inch model.

Confirmed to appear on the new devices is Samsung’s ‘Evolution Kit’, which allows users to upgrade components of the TV whilst eliminating the need to opt for an entirely new device.

Additionally, Samsung’s Smart TV platform will make its way on the devices, along with the "micro dimming ultimate" LED lighting present on the S9.

However, the firm make no mention of whether the newer devices will incorporate the "Timeless Gallery" stand used by the 85-inch device.

Set to arrive in June, the new models are likely to appeal more to consumers with an affordable price tag. However, as UHD remains a limited experience in the UK, Samsung has yet to reveal when the devices will make their way here.

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