headset set to ship in July headset zaps your brain for ‘ultimate gaming experience’

A new company launched the headset, which shocks your brain with electricity in order to make you a better gamer.

The headset serves up transcranial direct-current simulation (tDCS) – a form of neurosimulation that transmits current to certain areas of the brain.

While tDCS was originally developed to help patients with brain injuries, it is believed that when used on healthy adults, tDCS can increase cognitive performance on a variety of tasks.

With the latter in mind, mechanical engineers Michael Oxley and Martin Skinner believe this neurosimulation can boost video game prowess for the ‘ultimate gaming experience’.

The idea is that a gamer wears the headset for 5-10 minutes before a gaming session, not during it. tDCS is supposed to stimulate areas of the brain to enhance things such as problem solving, memory and coordination, although these claims haven’t been officially proven yet.

The headset will set you back £179 and the company is planning to ship the product in July.

If you’re interested in zapping your brain cells in the hope of finally destroying your gaming nemesis, you can find out more at

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