Update to be sent over the air to all devices on June 1st

Barnes & Noble set to bring web browser and email to Nook Simple Touch

A leaked memo reveals Barnes & Noble will be updating the Nook Simple Touch and Simple Touch Glowlight with a web browser and email app.

The memo, acquired by TechCrunch, stats the update will be sent over the air to all devices starting June 1st.

This will be the first time that Nook’s entry-level readers will get official access to web browsing capabilities.

At the beginning of May, Barnes & Noble announced that its Nook HD and HD+ owners will get access to their Google accounts with built-in Gmail, YouTube, Chrome and Google Map apps as well as access to Google Play.

The firm also recently slashed the price of its standard e-reader in a bid to make a big push into the UK market place, so this update should be further good news for those who managed to nab a Nook at a discounted price.

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