Adapting to market changes means new multi-channel approach for the firm

Pudsey Computers opens new warehouse and retail store

Indie computer retailer Pudsey Computers has opened a new 6,000 sq ft warehouse and retail unit.

Based in Leeds, the warehouse brings together the firm’s successful web offering with its retail arm.

A couple of years ago, against a tough retail climate, Pudsey decided to go online in a big way. Retail manager Steven Lightfoot explained to PCR: “We’ve spent the last two to three years specialising, selling on Amazon, Ebay, Play, and now Pixmania. Instead of selling perhaps one unit of a particular item per week, we have five or six channels to sell through, including via phone as well as the retail store.”

As its online arm became increasingly successful, the firm went on the lookout for new premises that could bring online product storage and consumer-facing retail together. “Six months ago we moved into a warehouse unit with a nice retail space and a number of offices. We’ve just finished integrating the business into the unit, kitting out the retail section, then moving everyone down here, and all our online products.”

The new showroom and service centre, which opened to the public in mid-April, is located on Richardshaw Lane in Pudsey, Leeds, and the firm is updating its website, too.

Lightfoot commented: “By bringing a retail store into the online warehouse space, we have everything under one roof – we can introduce click and collect, for example.

“The likes of HMV and Comet have struggled to adapt with the market. At our size we can be more flexible. We’re fortunate enough to be able to react to market changes. We’re doing really well now.”

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