Marketing manager, Simon Buckingham tells is how Hama can help differentiate your business

PCR Boot Camp Partner Spotlight: Hama

Simon Buckingham, marketing manager at Hama UK, discusses how retailers and resellers can best differentiate themselves in the highly competitive consumer electronics marketplace…

How important is it for UK retailers and resellers to connect well with customers?

In today’s world, end users are demanding more and more access to products and services 24/7. With ever increasing demands on the marketplace, ease of connectivity can be viewed as a key differentiator for your business from the competition.

What do you see being the key issues facing PC retailers in 2013?

Differentiating yourself from the rest of the marketplace presents a real challenge in such a competitive environment. In addition, with the industry in a state of change, keeping pace with all the new technologies, particularly around the connected home, is very important and presents its own unique challenges.

What products/services will you be promoting at the event this year?

Headphones, PC peripherals and connectivity, cables and flash memory.

What are the key brands you carry?

Hama, Urbanears, SanDisk and the latest range of consumer electronic accessories from several leading manufacturers.

What are your predictions for the business in 2013?

Business will continue to be tight for 2013 unless you can continue to provide a genuine value added service and increase business through making the customer’s life easier.

What distinguishes you from your competitors?

We have breadth of range with over 18,000 different products spanning multiple different categories and sectors. We’re able to deal with small independent stores all the way up to the large multinationals and we offer speed to market with the latest technologies.

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