Speculation indicates Nvidia is set to launch the GTX 680's successor next week, with a price tag of £500

GeForce GTX 780 primed for May 23rd release

Nvidia is reportedly ready to release its GTX 780 card as soon as next week.

As claimed by Fudzilla, ‘multiple sources’ have confirmed that Nvidia will launch the new card on May 23rd, with third-party editions of the GPU expected to follow in subsequent weeks.

The report joins the seemingly endless speculation of the card, particularly its pricing and performance aspects.

Early speculation indicated that the GTX 780, whilst based on the same architecture as Nvidia’s flagship Titan GPU, it won’t provide the vast performance upgrade over its predecessor, the GT 680, that many were hoping for.

As for pricing, it’s been widely reported that the card would be priced between £400 and £500 for Nvidia’s reference GTX 780.

Meanwhile, third-party editions, which traditionally are overclocked whilst carrying additional features, could debut with a price tag between £500 and £600.

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