Luo Gang reunited with family thanks to Google Maps’ satellite feature

Chinese man finds his way home via Google Maps after being abducted 23 years ago

A man abducted as a five year old found his way back to his hometown after analysing Google Maps.

Luo Gang was kidnapped from a town near Guangan, Sichuan province while walking to kindergarten in 1990.

He was taken almost 1,500 kilometres away to a city in Fujian province. Although Luo insists his adopted parents loved him, every night before he went to bed, he would remind himself of what his hometown looked like.

One prominent feature that he could remember was a set of two bridges. Last year, Luo visited a website that provides services for victims of abduction and posted a roughly-drawn map of the his hometown and these two bridges.

Six months later he received a message from a volunteer who told him that a couple in a town near Guangan had lost their son 23 years ago. Luo then used the satellite view of Google Maps to look over the area of Guangan until the two bridges caught his eye in a place called Yaojiaba.

Luo managed to track down his birth family and is now reunited with his parents and three younger sisters.

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