Senior regional marketing manager, Mark Pini, talks aout SanDisk's plans for the memory market

PCR Boot Camp Partner Spotlight: SanDisk

A key player in the storage market, SanDisk has big plans for 2013. Mark Pini, Senior Regional Marketing Manager for Northern Europe reveals all…

How has business been?

Overall it’s been very positive. We’ve extended our product portfolio, especially in USB and SSD, to appeal to the wider channels with good gains in market share across the board despite the continuance of a competitive marketplace. Having said that, we’re very aware of the tough economic conditions out there but the overall memory market has remained strong.

Looking ahead, what do you see as growth areas in 2013 for the business?

We’ve got some exciting things coming down the line for sure. We’re feeling pretty confident we’ll continue to introduce innovative and attractive products this year that will not just sustain but also help develop our partners’ revenues in flash memory.

What do you think are the factors that make consumers choose your brand over another?

SanDisk has a really strong heritage in flash memory, it’s what we do and it’s all we do.

We’ll be 25 years old as a company later this year. Our CEO Sanjay Mehrotra was also one of our founders, and has 30 years’ memory industry knowledge and insight. I guess there aren’t too many other companies that have that sort of continuity and vision. We’ve had a strong presence in the UK High Street now for well over a decade. So when you put those factors together you have a known, trusted and reliable brand that ultimately gives consumers confidence.

How do you work with your channel partners?

We work pretty hard with our resellers to make sure we market our products in an effective way, whether that’s giving category management support, providing stand out POS, assets or merchandise support. We believe that value is seen by the end user when they’re making their purchase decision.

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