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Is Rihanna an MMO gamer?

Rihanna was spotted recently visiting a Best Buy where she was snapped clutching a Razer Naga gaming mouse.

The Daily Mail has posted a series of photos showing the pop star buying the mouse in New York. Posting the pics would probably cost us a fair few pennies and wouldn’t be nearly as fun as brushing up on our photoshop skills (the term ‘skills’ is obviously used very loosely here) so we do hope you enjoy the impressive artist’s interpretation situated to the right of this text. Those who don’t (boo) can click through to the story here.

So it seems Rihanna must be getting her WoW on in between touring, as the Razer Naga is specially designed for MMO gaming, with 17-optimised buttons, custom interface add-ons and an ergonomic design for long gaming sessions.

Or, there’s a slight possibility that Rihanna was simply buying it for her 19-year-old brother Rajan who was accompanying her on the shopping trip…

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