The appearance of iPhone 6 within Vodafone UK's till system has fuelled rumours that Apple will skip a 5S handset

Vodafone stock inventory teases iPhone 6

A leaked image of Vodafone’s till system has indicated that Apple will skip the widely expected iPhone 5S and instead release the iPhone 6.

Tech site Stuff initially published the image, which appeared to show the till system at a Vodafone UK store including a reference to the iPhone 6 within the firm’s inventory.

However, both the image and the reference to Vodafone have now been removed from the original story, which would indicate there’s more to the report than simple hearsay.

The listing of the iPhone 6 with the store’s inventory would certainly indicate that the firm is expecting to receive stock of the item.

Whilst it’s no secret that Apple will release a new iPhone this year, Apple’s decision to opt for the iPhone 6 rather than a 5S handset suggests that the device is set for a major design overhaul instead of the minor upgrades seen with Apple’s S branded handsets.

Whether the input of iPhone 6 is the biggest spoiler of the next iPhone to date, or the human error of a Vodafone employee simply referring to the new iPhone, whatever it may be called, expect a new device in the coming months.

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