Fan makes his own Glass using screen from MyVu Crystal 701

Tech support worker builds own Google Glass

Nathan Myers has built his own version of Google Glass dubbed ‘Flass’.

The 20-year-old Australian tech support worker built the fake Google Glass out of a screen from a MyVu Crystal 701 latched onto a custom-made frame and hooked up to a Samsung Galaxy S i9000.

The phone has TV out functions that, with the help of the Apex Launcher app, projects the Android interface into Myers’ right eye.

The setup also includes a Bluetooth headset enabling Myers to use voice commands in conjunction with the Android handset via an app called utter!

Here’s Myers demonstrating the setup of Flass:

The tech wizard can even open up emails using an app named Tasker, and dictate email replies with the utter! app.

Check out this demonstration of the Flass user interface:

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