Reports detailing Nvidia's upcoming GTX 700 series GPUs indicate the cards could launch by next week

GeForce GTX 700 range detailed, could launch by next week

Initially expected in May, the latest GPUs from Nvidia’s anticipated GTX 700 series could launch by as early as next week.

Whilst the GTX 700 range has been the subject of much rumour and discussion in recent months, surfacing reports have detailed which cards can be expected.

First reported by Fudzilla, consumers can expect to see both the GTX 760Ti – which will take over from the 66Ti as the entry-level gaming GPU – along with the GTX 770.

Whilst the former is essentially regarded as a mildly updated GTX 670, the GTX 770 is set to offer higher clock speeds than the GTX 680, in addition to an overall performance boost of around five per cent.

Meanwhile, the flagship GPU of the series, the GTX 680, is widely regarded as a similar card to the recently launched Nvidia GTX Titan, rivalling the card in both performance and price.

With the launch of the GTX 670 Ti pencilled in for as soon as next week, third-party efforts should be expected in the coming months.

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