LG says curved TV brings IMAX-like experience to the home

World’s first 55-inch curved TV launched by LG

Back at CES in January, LG and Samsung both showed off curved OLED TVs. LG has now beat Samsung to the market by kicking off pre-orders for the 55EA9800.

The 55-inch TV measures 4.3 millimetres in thickness and weighs 17 kilograms. It features LG’s WRGB and Colour Refiner technologies.

LG says the curved TV brings an IMAX-like experience to the home. This means the entire screen surface is equidistant from the viewer’s eyes and intends to reduce distortion and blur.

LG has also used transparent thin-film speakers that spread the TV’s audio abilities across the front of the stand.

Pre-orders for South Korea have started today (April 29th) and will set you back 15 million KRW ($13,500). Pricing and availability in other markets will be announced ‘in the months ahead’.

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