New speaker offers old-school nostalgia for modern-day music lovers

TDK brings the 80s back with BoomBox

TDK Life on Record is bringing a music culture icon back to life with its new BoomBox speaker.

The speaker includes a high-excursion dedicated six-inch subwoofer, designed to provide deep, accurate bass. It also has two powerful six-inch coaxial drivers to deliver clear vocals.

Although looking like an old-school boom box, TDK’s new offering also has the ability to play music through your iPod or iPhone. It can also charge these devices while you listen with its USB to 30 pin cable.

As well as a USB port, there’s also 3.5mm and auxiliary ports. You can even plug in a guitar or microphone and mix with other music sources.

The BoomBox speaker includes an innovative equaliser which gives your music a ‘visual heartbeat’.

Those looking to feel really old school can power the BoomBox using 12 D batteries, whilst those who want to power their speaker with more modern equipment can do so via the included AC power supply.

The TDK Life on Record BoomBox speaker has an RRP of £299.99 and is available from CMS.

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