Apple believes more people use the iPhone to take pictures than any other device

More photos are taken by iPhone than any other camera, says Apple

Apple has launched its latest commercial, during which the firm claims that more photos are captured by the iPhone than any other device.

A bold claim to make, it remains unclear how Apple would know if the iPhone was infect the world’s most popular device for snapping those precious moments; be it a smartphone or camera.

Whether Apple has been taking a sneaky peek at users’ EXIF data, or if it simply sent out teams of Geniuses on to the streets in order to count the number of snap-happy iPhone users, the firm certainly believes the claim enough for it to base an entire advert.

Given the increasing ownership of smartphones worldwide, matched with the photo capabilities of the latest handsets, it wouldn’t be too much of a shock to learn that smartphones had overtaken traditional cameras as the preferred photo capturing device – be it an iPhone or other device.

Regardless, check out the new commercial from Apple below.

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