KALQ keyboard will be available for free on Android

Researchers invent thumb-type keyboard to take on QWERTY

A Team from the University of St Andrews has developed a new keyboard layout designed to aid typing with two thumbs.

The researchers claim the KALQ keyboard is faster than the traditional QWERTY. It works solely with the thumbs and is said to increase the speed of typing on tablets by 34 per cent.

Senior researcher Dr Antti Oulasvirta said: "Experienced typists move their thumbs simultaneously – while one thumb is selecting a particular key, the other thumb is approaching its next target.

"From these insights we derived a predictive behavioural model we could use to optimise the keyboard."

The team claims normal users using a QWERTY keyboard on a touchscreen device were limited to typing at a rate of about 20 words per minute, which is much slower than the rate of normal physical keyboards on computers.

With the help of an error correction algorithm, trained users were able to reach 37 words per minute.

KALQ will be available for free on Android.

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