Troubleshooting firm analyses 150,000 notebooks to find 'most reliable' Windows device

Most reliable Windows 8 laptop? MacBook Pro, says Soluto

Research from troubleshooting site Soluto has found Apple’s MacBook Pro to be the "most reliable" device for running Windows 8.

Within a published list of the most reliable laptops to run Microsoft’s flagship operating system, Soluto found the mid-2012 MacBook Pro to top the list.

In order to compile the list, Soluto acquired data from over 150,000 different laptops at the beginning of the year in order to evaluate each device’s performance in terms of crashes, blue screens and other system issues.

Ironically, the MacBook running Windows 8 was found to have suffered the least of these issues at the end of the research period.

Meanwhile, Acer’s Aspire E1-571 came in at second on the list, closely followed by Dell’s XPS 13 notebook.

Soluto continued to highlight that the lack of third-party software and applications installed on Windows devices by OEMs may play a part in the slow down and troubleshooting of some devices – with the MacBook’s clean install effectively leading it to the top spot of reliability.

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