Scan patterns to read your children bedtime stories

Smart pyjamas: a tech too far?

Apparently the world needs smarter nightwear.

A company called Smart PJs has launched pyjamas for boys and girls (you can choose between blues and pinks, unsurprisingly), with ‘smart’ dot patterns all over them.

Once the kids are kitted out in their new outfits, parents can download a free app onto their phone and scan one of the patterns to listen to or read a children’s bedtime story.

The goal was to combine children’s bedtime stories and pyjamas into one – a fine aim. After all, this is clearly a serious first world problem. 

Smart PJs’ blog says: “WOW! What kid wouldn’t love that! No more books to lug around! Use the app anytime, anywhere-no internet connection necessary!”

Oh, it is dreadful having to lug books around all the time, isn’t it? Except aren’t most bedtime stories read at home, where books will already be present in a bed or living room? Aren’t many children’s books lighter than a tablet or even a smart phone?

The firm also says these are the world’s first and only interactive pyjamas. Perhaps they’ll be the next big thing.

Smart PJs (patent pending) can be found over here, on sale at $25.

No news yet on when the grown up versions are coming.

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