A survey from UK regulator Ofcom has found that over 50 per cent of participants confessed to using the same password across websites

Brits surfing web for longer, still using same password for everything

Ofcom has issued a warning to UK web surfers after issuing a report, which found Brits are spending more time online.

The report found that the average user now surfs the web for 16.8 hours per week, visiting around 19 different websites – a sharp increase over the average of 15.1 hours found in 2011.

As more Brits spend their time surfing the web, Ofcom is working to advise users of their internet use and the ways they can remain safe, after the regulators report uncovered some worrying habits.

The report found that 55 per cent of participants admitted to using the same password for the majority, if not all of the websites they visit. However, more concerning is the fact that 26 per cent of participants confessed to using their birthday as their password.

In an age where Brits are increasingly using the internet within their daily lives, particularly for sensitive tasks such as banking, shopping and other activities which involve personal information, the regulator wants to emphasise the importance of keeping such data safe.

One particular age group being targeted by Ofcom is those web users aged between 55 and 64, which has seen the most growth amongst all age groups.

Social networking has seen particular growth amongst older generations, with 35 per cent of participants in the 55 – 64 now owning a Facebook account, up from the 24 per cent in 2011.

Ofcom summarised the report, stating the number of Brits surfing the web continues to rise, despite the associated risks.

"While our research shows that some people are still taking security risks online, they clearly feel these are outweighed by the benefits that the internet brings," said James Thickett, director of research, Ofcom.

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