Video games are good for your (lazy) eyes

Tetris: The cure for a lazy eye

Canadian doctors believe playing Tetris can help children with amblyopia strengthen their lazy eye.

The team at McGill University in Montreal studied 18 adults and found that wearing a special pair of video goggles while playing Tetris helped train both eyes to work together, and worked better than conventional patching of the good eye to make the weak one work harder.

Dr Robert Hess and his team now want to see if this method would be a better way to treat children with the same condition.

In the study, nine volunteers were asked to wear the goggles for an hour a day over a two-week period while playing Tetris. The goggles allowed one eye to see only the falling objects and the other to only see the blocks stacking up at the bottom of the screen.

Another group played the game for the same period of time, but had an eye patch covering their good eye. The results revealed that those who used both eyes had more improvement in their vision than the patched group.

Finally, the news all gamers have been waiting for – video games are good for your eyes.

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