Kantar Retail's Stephen Mader praises Dixons' latest initiative

Stephen Mader: Dixons should be applauded for its innovative Gaming Bunker

Stephen Mader discusses Dixons’ newly opened Gaming Bunker and its unique appeal.

With the recession impacting demand for home cinema and related categories, Dixons – the UK’s market-leading specialist electronics retailer – decided to repurpose one of its home theatre in-store departments into a destination for PC gamers: The Gaming Bunker.

It features ten networked PCs laid out tournament-style with high-end peripherals (mice, keyboards, headsets) merchandised on the walls. With mice and keyboards stretching well north of £150, the PCs act as a platform to try before you buy – which should help increase conversion. The PCs were custom-built internally by Dixons for the Bunker, an effort supported by Samsung, Intel, and Asus.

The retail assortment includes top gaming brands such as Razer, TurtleBeach, SteelSeries, Corsair, MadCatz, Roccat and Logitech.

While all of these products are available online, the Gaming Bunker adds roughly 150 premium SKUs to the store’s assortment. In a market dominated by online retailers, the decision by Dixons to open the Gaming Bunker is refreshingly well thought out.

It is a great way to create an engaging brand experience and drive awareness into the eSports community. The retailer intends for the product ranges in the trial format to change frequently, whilst the space will host events and product launches for the gaming community – both of which should ensure repeat traffic for the in-store gaming department. Dixons is to be applauded for this innovative concept.

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