Head of marketing, Nerissa Tong, highlights the return of the Connected Home to the PCR Boot Camp

PCR Boot Camp Partner Spotlight: Micro-P

Nerissa Tong, head of marketing at Micro-P, discusses how the Connected Home will be making a reappearance at this year’s PCR Boot Camp…

How important is it for UK retailers and resellers to connect well with customers?

It’s essential that any business connects well with its customers. For UK retailers and resellers having an understanding of what your customer needs will help ensure you find the right products for them, at a price they are happy to pay.

This helps to increase overall customer satisfaction and ultimately drive repeat business through returning customers.

What do you see being the key issues facing PC retailers in 2013?

High street stores continue to be challenged with diminished footfall, increased margin pressure and online trading challenges. PC retailers need to look at new markets and innovative new ways to integrate products with new and existing customers, as well as offer something different to other retailers on the same high street to stay fresh and forward moving.

What products/services will you be promoting at the event this year?

This year Micro-P will continue our evolution of the Connected Home. We believe today’s smart phones are key in driving new revenue opportunities and opening up endless possibilities to store, share and consume more data in the home than ever before.

Micro-P can also help retailers take advantage of our relationships with innovative new manufacturers and home automation vendors to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Why should retailers look out for on your stand at PCR Retail Boot Camp?

We have some exciting new vendors on board and we can share ways in which to expand your connected home offering in store or within your business and we are more than happy to arrange visits or training should your company need them.

What are the key brands you carry?

Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba, Nokia, Microsoft, Dell, Sony, Asus, Netgear, TP-Link, D-Link, APC, and more.

What are your predictions for the business in 2013?

Micro-P looks to strengthen and develop both new and existing relationships with vendors and customers alike and continue to expand and develop into new product areas and enhance our already existing portfolio with innovative new partnerships.

What distinguishes you from your competitors?

Micro-P is proud to be a focused and proactive distributor that really values customer relationships and looks to understand their needs and how they can go to market, so we can support their growth in any way we can.

We also have a strategic portfolio with key brands, and can offer one of the best ranges within the marketplace.

What was the best moment from last year’s Boot Camp event?

Our personal ‘best moment’ from last year was the Connected home ‘live demo’ sessions – we had great attendance and gained excellent feedback from customers on our proposition and we’re looking forward to evolving our message from last year to include a strategic portfolios of vendors this year.

In addition, we are looking forward to the opportunity to speak to key retailers and resellers about our Connected Home message, all under one roof and in one day at this year’s PCR Boot Camp.

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