South Korean firm's tech hopes to allow disabled users to control their tablet device using just their mind

Samsung working on ‘mind control’ technology

Despite already introducing the likes of eye scrolling and air gesture technology, it seems Samsung isn’t quite done with innovative control methods.

This time around the South Korean firm has taken it one step further with its latest project; tablet mind control.

Further cementing its hatred towards touch, Samsung hard at work on the technology, which as the name suggests, allows users to control their tablet PC simply by using their mind.

Working with researchers at the University of Texas, the technology works solely off a user’s brainpower. It uses a less-than-stylish hood, which is fitted with a number of EEG sensors and works by using a specialised interface on tablets, which has users stare at a flashing icon in order to select it.

Samsung says the technology has already reached 80 to 95 per cent accuracy, and the firm is now working to make the device more user-friendly.

However, the firm has maintained that when the tech reaches a marketable stage, it will be aimed primarily at disabled users rather than the average tech lover.

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