South Korean firm set to showcase its near six-inch smartphone, which sports a new 'unbreakable' OLED display

Samsung to unveil Galaxy Note 3 at IFA ’13 with ‘unbreakable’ display

Samsung is to showcase its upcoming Galaxy Note 3 device at this year’s IFA show in September ahead of its expected Q4 release.

Rumours surrounding the device continue to circulate, particularly regarding the device’s near six-inch display and metallic outer body.

SamMobile reports that the device will feature a thinner, lighter display than its predecessor, the Note 2, measuring in at 5.99-inches.

Whilst the resolution of the Note 3’s display is yet to be confirmed, SamMobile reports the device will feature an ‘unbreakable’ plastic display, moving away from the standard glass OLED screens used in Samsung’s previous devices.

Combining both a metallic outer frame with an ‘unbreakable’ display will certainly make for a more durable device, but it remains to be seen if consumers will opt for a smartphone sporting an almost six-inch screen.

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