GPU manufacturer continues its 'Gear up, game on' promotion with new offering

Nvidia offers Metro: Last Light in latest graphics card bundle

Graphics card manufacturer Nvidia has unleashed the latest of its ‘Gear up, game on’ hardware bundles, this time offering gamers a copy of Metro: Last Light.

Consumers who buy the firm’s GTX 660 card and above will receive the title as part of the bundle – a fitting choice for the promotion given its intense hardware requirements and the high number of players who may be required to upgrade their system in order to play the title.

Whilst Last Light’s minimum requirements are largely accessible, users looking to play the game on optimum settings will likely need to fork out for a new graphics card given its demand for high-end hardware, particularly Nvidia’s newly released TITAN GPU, which currently reigns supreme as the world’s fastest single card.

“We are very proud of this cooperation with NVIDIA, as this is a great opportunity to pool our strengths,” said Menno van der Bil, International Commercial Director at publisher Deep Silver.

“Metro: Last Light stands out with brilliant graphics, and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600 Series is well prepared to display them in the best way possible.”

“With Metro 2033, 4A Games already proved that we have the expertise to create exceptional computer games. With Metro: Last Light, we are pushing the limits to an even higher level,” said Dean Sharpe, Executive Producer for Metro: Last Light.

“We are delighted that NVIDIA has chosen us as a partner, as this verifies the game’s position as a graphics benchmark for the next generation.”

Metro: Last Light is set to release in the UK on May 17th.

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