PC Pal's Jat Mann talks about 'lifelong learning'

Better Business: If you can’t beat them, join them

Jat Mann encourages business owners to take note of others’ strengths in order to better their own.

Successful businesspeople have a secret ingredient that is often a key element to their success. This ingredient isn’t a magic formula or a secret ‘silver bullet’, but it’s a personality trait that sets successful people apart.

Many people have this trait without realising it, but often when one is trying to work out how someone has become successful in their chosen path, they will uncover this trait.

The secret ingredient I am alluding to is the continuous desire to learn new things (techniques, skills, concepts etc) – aka lifelong learning.

A few years ago at a motivational event I was attending, the speaker asked the audience a simple question: “Hands up those who believe people are born creative?” Surprisingly, only a quarter the audience put their hand up! Of course all people are born creative – that’s a key element as to what set humans apart from other species. The ability to learn new skills and try them out, refine them further or try something completely new is what childhood was all about. Unfortunately it’s something we often stop doing in adulthood.

As business owners, we are particularly susceptible. It might be down to a fear of failure, procrastination or simply a lack of belief; but the truth is life is about learning. Learning from your own or others’ experiences, mistakes and successes.

A top tip is to attend networking events or by simply picking up the phone to an industry colleague or competitor – easy ways to pick up a golden nugget of advice, which could make a real difference to your own success.

The IT marketplace is large and growing – and there are plenty of opportunities for everyone. So don’t worry about beating your competitors, join in with them and reap the benefits of communication and collaboration!

Jat Mann is MD of www.PCPal.co.uk. You can contact him on jat@pcpal.co.uk

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