Roland goes portable with its SONAR software as tablet popularity grows amongst musicians

Sounds good: vendors tap into music boom

Music-instrument vendors from the likes of Roland to DJ equipment manufacturer JAKKS are pushing tech retailers to take advantage of the musicians’ market.

As popularity in tablets continues to soar, Cakewalk’s SONAR software has now become fully compatible with touchscreen devices.

Sean Montgomery, senior products manager for Roland, the company that owns Cakewalk, believes that touchscreens are a natural progression for musicians: “Mobile devices, once difficult for artists to use on the go, are now exceptionally thin, much more efficient on battery life, and come packed with the power of desktop computers.

“The interactive nature of the touch experience works seamlessly with the musician’s mind, and triggers new avenues in the creation process.”

It’s not just music software that can entice music fans into tech stores, DJ equipment is seeing a design overhaul of late, with companies such as Hercules, ION and JAKKS releasing an array of compact and portable products for novice and professional DJs alike.

“The interactive nature of the touch experience works seamlessly with the musician’s mind”

Sean Montgomery,Roland

“We aim to speak to the mass audience and break the barriers of price and perception of mixing music,” JAKKS UK senior marketing director Ken Goodison told PCR.

With the new EZPro DJ, JAKKS even likens musicians to gamers.

“We target those tech savvy consumer and music lovers who are interested in truly mastering the mixing desk, in a similar way to how some people master computer games.

“Gamers challenge themselves to complete every level of a game, our mixing desk provides a similar challenge to musicians.”

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