Windows CFO Peter Klein has indicated that the firm could launch smaller Windows 8 devices in an attempt to boost its tablet market share

Smaller Windows 8 enabled devices on the way

Microsoft has dropped further hints that both a Windows Watch and seven-inch Surface tablet could be on the way.

During the firm’s quarterly earnings call, Microsoft announced both a boost in profits and the departure of CFO Peter Klein.

However, Klein opted to discuss the firm’s upcoming plans ahead of his departure, and more specifically, the offering of smaller, more competitively priced devices.

"As part of this, we are also working closely with OEMs on a new suite of small touch devices powered by Windows," said the CFO.

"These devices will have competitive price points partly enabled by our latest OEM offerings designed specifically for these smaller devices, and will become available in the coming months."

Whilst not specifically addressing whether Microsoft would consider its own self-produced smaller devices, rumours have long circulated over the release of a smaller, seven-inch edition of the firm’s Surface tablet.

Given the dominance of both Apple and Samsung in the tablet market, and the growing demand for smaller, cheaper touch-enabled devices, the decision to release a scaled-down Surface seems – at least on the surface – like an inevitable one.

However, word of smaller Windows 8 enabled devices could also point to lingering whispers that the firm is looking to jump into the wearable tech market. As the rumours heat up surrounding Apple’s rumoured iWatch, and the confirmation from Samsung that it is working on a similar device, the vaguely worded "smaller Windows 8 device" could potentially refer to a Windows Watch.

Microsoft is expecting its Windows 8 operating system to trigger global growth for touch-enabled notebooks, despite the declining number of PC sales.

Klein highlighted that the firm had been affected by the decline, despite recording profits, but remained confident that tablet sales would counteract this.

By stating that the firm is "working to increase its share in tablets," Klein may have dropped the most obvious hint to date that Microsoft is working on both a smartwatch and seven-inch Surface.

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