New software for computers and Android devices provides a simpler interface

Doro offers easier PC experience

Software Publisher Doro has launched Doro Experience for Android and PC.

Aimed at older consumers who perhaps don’t feel comfortable with the typical PC experience, the software vastly simplifies the user interface.

Both products feature easy-to- navigate layouts, the firm says, that make it easier than ever to send and receive emails and text messages, share photos, browse the web, play games and listen to the radio.

A spokesperson commented: “Users can send emails, create documents, surf the internet and browse photographs but in a much easier and more intuitive way.”

The Android version also benefits from Doro Experience Manager, which is a web-based service, powered by the cloud. This allows the user, or an authorised friend or relative, to remotely manage content stored on the device.

Doro Experience is available from – regarding in-store availability, the firm told PCR that it hopes to make some announcements later in the year.

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