Developers have been warned over their use of Google Glass as the firm publishes its terms and conditions

Google Glass prohibits ads, won’t charge for apps

Developers have been warned they will be unable to place advertising within the display of Google Glass.

Google has ales told developers for the device that they will be unable to charge for apps they release on the platform.

As the first Google Glass devices are shipped out to developers and competition winners known as "Glass Explorers", the firm has published its terms and conditions for use of the device.

Google Glass is the first of a new generation of wearable tech devices, as rumours continue to indicate Apple, Samsung and Microsoft are busily working on their own smartwatches.

Glass’ display is the equivalent of viewing a HD display up to eight feet away, whilst allowing for video capture at a resolution of up to 720p. The device also incorporates 16GB of storage and connectable via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The firm has also claimed that the device’s battery is capable of lasting for "one full day of typical use".

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