Innovative technology could be available commercially by 2014

VIDEO: Fujitsu tech turns objects into touchscreens

Fujitsu has developed a next-gen interface that can turn almost any object into a touchscreen.

The user interface can accurately detect the users finger and what it is touching, such as pictures and text from books, turning them into interactive, touchscreen objects.

Although impressively accurate, the system doesn’t use any special hardware, consisting of a webcam-like device and a commercial projector.

"Until now, gesturing has often been used to operate PCs and other devices. But with this interface, we’re not operating a PC, but touching actual objects directly, and combining them with ICT equipment," said Taichi Murase, researcher, Media Services System Lab, Fujitsu.

"The system is designed not to react when you make ordinary motions on a table. It can be operated when you point with one finger. What this means is, the system serves as an interface combining analog operations and digital devices."

Although the technology is still at demonstration level, researchers believe a commercial version could be ready by next year.

Check out the video, via Diginfo, below:

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