An interview with one of the sponsors for this year's PCR Boot Camp

PCR Boot Camp Partner Spotlight: Philips MMD

Thomas Schade, vice president of MMD Monitors and Displays, gives a preview of what to expect at the PCR Boot Camp…

How important is it for UK retailers and resellers to connect well with customers?

We feel that being very close to the end customer permanently is the only way to create innovations and products that will fulfill the end-customer requests. This is valid for the entire value-chain, which includes retailers, resellers and manufacturers like us.

What do you see being the key issues facing PC retailers in 2013?

In the monitors category, the main reason for stagnating consumer demand is the lack of innovation from many key brands in the industry.

Consumers are still very much interested in monitors – in larger screen sizes, better quality, new applications and connectivity with smaller devices. These are areas where the industry can create propositions that will allow PC retailers to create the hype around monitors, which will drive traffic into their shops and bring commercial success.

What products/services will you be promoting at the event this year?

MMD is one hundred per cent focused on monitors. Therefore, we’re one of the only companies investing category. As a result, you will find out that innovation in this category will mainly come from one player in 2013 – Philips.

For example, the 27-inch Gioco AmbiGlow uses unique AmbiGlow back-lighting that creates an image-matching halo of light on the rear wall visually enlarging the screen to give you a truly immersive 3D experience.

The Philips 24-inch office monitors with a 16:10 screen ratio and PowerSensor technology can cut energy consumption by up to 80 per cent.

The 23-inch 231P4UPES USB Docking Display is an innovative notebook docking display with USB connectivity that expands your viewing workspace, keeps peripherals connected, and accesses internet all with a single SuperSpeed USB cable.

Philips Crystal Clear Displays with dramatically improved picture quality come with two models with extra-high resolutions and up to 29-inch screen size.

And the AMVA Monitor with Webcam helps you collaborate and communicate, saving you time and money.

What should retailers look out for on your stand at PCR Retail Boot Camp?

In addition to the new products being featured at the Boot Camp, the Philips display range has something for everyone, from consumer and gamers to corporate, business and education. Philips combines functionality, new technology, and great designs with value for money.

What are the key brands you carry?

MMD stands for Philips Monitors from 17-inch to 29-inch range, customised either for B2B or B2C.

What are your predictions for the business in 2013?

Philips monitors have grown year-on-year with 100 per cent growth in the UK in 2012.

Still, our market share falls short of our ambitions and potential for the UK market. Therefore, with all the investments we are currently doing in our organization, services and innovative products we expect this outstanding trend to continue.

What distinguishes you from your competitors?

As stated earlier our commitment and focus is entirely on the desktop display market. This leads to a situation where Philips is a leader in terms of bringing new technology to the market and, because of that, many of our monitors are market leaders.

What was the best moment from last year’s Boot Camp event?

We know for sure that last year’s event was one of the main triggers for our growth in 2012. It meant we could meet new retailers, listen to them, find out how we could support them further for future growth and get things moving right away.

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