1,500 people have signed petition demanding Amazon changes its policy

Amazon comes under fire as Kindle doesn’t ‘recognise’ Welsh language

A Welsh publisher is leading a campaign to put Cymru back on the Kindle after Amazon claimed that Welsh language books are in an unrecognisable language.

Publisher Y Lolfa has already managed to get 1,500 people to sign the petition demanding Amazon changes its policy.

Garmon Gruffudd, managing director, said: “Last year we published Welsh language books on the Kindle but we listed them as English books because Welsh wasn’t a supported language.

“However this year they have refused to put them up through this route because they say that they are in an unrecognised language.”

Many other eReaders, such as those from Sony and Kobo, support Welsh, and having previously listed the books, Amazon is alienating its Welsh customers and could possible push them onto its rivals.

“Google and Facebook have been supportive towards the Welsh language and have Welsh interfaces. Their attitude towards Welsh has been very positive.

“Compare this to Amazon who I think have been incredibly negative.”

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